Visit the producers.

Each year, our sister shop in France selects one lucky wine club member to tour French wine country. Includes transport and accommodations for two.*


Domaine Deleuze Rochetin, Languedoc

La Sarrazine  Harmattan   Sorcier

In the heart of the Gard region and close to the magnificent Roman Bridge, we will take you to discover the remains of the Roman civilization around the Domaine. We’ll explore the 54 acre Domaine filled with the smell of olive, thyme and rosemary.
We will introduce you to Catherine and Jean Michel who are at the head of the estate since its inception and their cellar master, Baptiste. Baptiste will then take us to discover his place of work for a tasting, followed by a meal in the old town of Uzes, by the Duché. Read More →


Domaine de Marchandise, Cotes de Provence

Rouge   Rosé  

Located in the middle of the Var region valleys, more precisely at the foot of the Rock of Roquebrunes-sur-Argens, we will take you to discover the Chauvier family’s Domaine, in the middle of the cicadas and the lovely smell of lavender. The cellar is at the top of the hill, between horses and chickens, we will take you for a visit and introduce you to Marine and her brothers. A tasting of their wine in the barrels will open your appetite, we will then accompany you to the heart of the old town of Roquebrunes to enjoy Provencal specialties.


Domaine des Favards, Cotes du Rhone

Plan de Dieu   Carino Mio

The Domaine is located in the heart of the Rhone Valley. We will make you discover the beautiful landscape at the foot of Mont Ventoux with a mile long walk in the middle of vineyards. Through this wander you will encounter the different elements Céline Barbaud and her family owner for 3 generations need to take into account to make their wine. A tasting will then await you at the Caveau after which we will be able to settle for the night in one of the cottages the family owns, just by the vineyard.


Pascal Thomas, Sancerre


The village of Chavignol has many secrets left to discover, but this one is the most surprising and friendly. The Pascal’s cellar is in the middle of the village, right next to the former restaurant of his wife, who unfortunately retired. The simplicity of this place, in the middle of barrels and smell of wood and goat smells, will take you back to nature as only the wines of Pascal Thomas know how to do. After tasting, we will invite you to discover the specialties of Chavignol especially warm goat cheese salad accompanied by its fresh white Sancerre in the local restaurant.

Domaine_Basse ville_Sevre_et_Maine.png

Domaine Basse ville, Sevre et Maine

Muscadet Sur Lie   'Le Verroueille'   'Les Grandes Noelles'

Located at the entrance of the old city of Nantes, Gilbert and Jean Louis will present to us their vineyard on this land that is theirs since the 15th century. We will walk in the middle of their vines and discover all their typicities. Once this little overview is done we will have the pleasure of tasting the wines at the winery. To finish this trip "nantais" what better than a few oysters accompanied by a pretty muscadet in the beautiful city of Nantes - maybe a Loire Valley Chateau visit!


Michel Guilleminot, Champagne

Brut Tradition   Brut Prestige

At the most southern part of the french region of Champagne and less than an hour from Chablis, the hamlet of Channes is Pinot Noir country. We’ll start by opening a bottle then visit the family’s facilities and go through the entire Champagne making process with Corinne, one of Michel’s two daughters. After the visit, we’ll go for a pic-nic in the woods nearby. We’ll finish the day off with a lovely walk through the vineyards and understand a few of the family’s secrets to making outstanding wines year after year. A must visit is the Reims Cathedral that we can try and fit in before or after our visit at the Guilleminot’s.


Manoir d'Apreval, Pays d'Auge

Cuvee St. Georges, Brut

In a little village called Pennedepie, on the Normandy coast-line, Agathe's family will greet you at their Domaine and go through their entire process. They produce hard cider, Pommeau & Calvados in several different nuances. Mid-day, we'll either pic-nic in the Manoir's orchard or go to the village's restaurant. In the afternoon, we'll walk along Honfleur's famous old port and snack on half dozen oysters paired a glass of Muscadet. Honfleur is the cradle of Impressionism and the Boudin museum is a must but just walking in the streets fills you with history.


La Cave Magasin / Bar à Vins, Normandy

La Cave France

Five minutes from Honfleur, Charles will greet us with a glass of the day's special. We'll have a look at the wine selection and sit by the chimnee to select your perfect bottle to take home. If you are a cheese enthusiat, we'll take you to Pont L'Eveque, Camembert & Livarot (we might stop by Isabelle & Jean-luc's Haras). The Normandy beaches are only a couple hours away which will make an easy day trip if you have never been. On our last night we'll stay & have dinner at the Manoir des Impressionnistes, facing the sun setting on the Seine estuary.


why we're doing this

To help people cross France off their bucket list.

“My dream is for us to go on a trip to France...I want to visit the Normandy beaches and drink wine as the French do." since I moved to the US I have heard this probably over a hundred times… We have a shop in Normandy and work with producers in each of the wine regions. Our aim is to make it as easy as we can for you to go.

We’re doing this to help small producers access new markets.

When you nurture vines for decades, make wine with an unforgiving harvest, age it over the course of a year and bottle it with care, you want to trust the next hands that touch the wine treat it with the same care. We work with our producers in our french wine shop, and establish that trust.

We’re doing this because wine is about the relationship between those that drink it and those that make it.

So much from the producer goes into a bottle of wine, including an entire family’s heritage, lifestyle and passion. There’s a story behind each and every wine, discovering it is part of the experience.

We’re doing this because we like to celebrate different cultures.

The world is filled with so many different cultures, old and new, that are beautifully different. We believe that part of elevating ourselves is to embrace differences, meet people and share stories – let wine be the thing that brings us together.