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about us

Realizing that even in France it can be tough to get good wine at a fair price, we decided to make the wines from our family-owned restaurant available for purchase. In 2013, we opened La Cave – The Cellar – as a wine shop and tasting bar near Honfleur, France. Our hospitality backgrounds taught us the importance of truly knowing where the wine comes from and who it is destined to. As a result, the shop quickly became a local favorite. We opened a second shop in Pont L’Évêque in 2017. The two shops now supply locals & some of the best restaurants in Normandy with a wine selection for all price points.

After moving to the US in 2016, Frederick saw that the problem was even worse with the three-tier-system. We made it our mission to also give Americans access to French wines at a fairer price as well as the lifestyles behind them.

So visit our wonderful producers, ask us your questions, have a talk over lunch, drink their wines and share their stories. Let's all celebrate life together with passion, santé !


why we're doing this

To help people cross France off their bucket list.

“My dream is for us to go on a trip to France...I want to visit the Normandy beaches and drink wine as the French do." since I moved to the US I have heard this probably over a hundred times… We have a shop in Normandy and work with producers in each of the wine regions. Our aim is to make it as easy as we can for you to go.

To help small producers access new markets.

When you nurture vines for decades, make wine with an unforgiving harvest, age it over the course of a year and bottle it with care, you want to trust the next hands that touch the wine treat it with the same care. We work with our producers in our french wine shop, and establish that trust.

Because wine is about the relationship between those that drink it and those that make it.

So much from the producer goes into a bottle of wine, including an entire family’s heritage, lifestyle and passion. There’s a story behind each and every wine, discovering it is part of the experience.

Because we like to celebrate different cultures.

The world is filled with so many different cultures, old and new, that are beautifully different. We believe that part of elevating ourselves is to embrace differences, meet people and share stories – let wine be what brings us together.