Producer: Lucien & Fanny Rocault

Region: Burgundy

Winery info

Living in the heart of the town of Saint Romain, Lucien & Fanny are slowly taking over the parcels his family has worked for centuries, 18 generations to be exact. They are true farmers and have a holistic approach to their craft.

In 2009, they converted all of their vines to organic farming to better preserve the typicity of terroirs and the environmental quality of the Burgundy climates.

The vinification approach stays traditional whilst keeping an open mind about modern oenology discoveries.

The domain vinifies vineyards from south of the Côte de Beaune passing through Pommard, Saint-Romain & Saint-Aubin. If you go through Burgundy, definitely stop by their incredible, human size tasting cellar ‘Place du Pont’ in Saint-Romain.