Producer: Johann W

Region: Trebivlice, Bohemia, Czech Republic

Winery info

Trebivlice lies in the oldest winemaking region of Bohemia - wine has been cultivated in the Litomerice region for almost 1000 years! In the 19th century, the Trebivlice region was covered in hundreds of hectares of vineyards, which were all, unfortunately, ruined by phylloxera by 1900. The fertile soil, however, did not lose its ability to yield vines of exceptional quality, and so it was that a man came along in the 21st century with the idea of restoring the historic heritage… Jan Dienstl, a Czech businessman and a true wine lover founded and rebuilt Trebivlice castle winery. Between 2004 and 2010, he restored 10 hectares of high quality vineyards to the unique panorama of the Central Bohemian Uplands. The first 21st century harvest took place in Trebivlice in 2012. Let us introduce the latest wine making project in Bohemia.